Remove Body Hair Without Heat or Harsh Chemicals

Visit our local sugar waxing salon in Tonawanda, NY

Did you know that there's an alternative to traditional waxing services? Instead of using uncomfortably hot wax and pulling your hair against the grain, you could be getting professional sugar waxing services. Sugar Bare uses a natural mixture of sugar, water and lemon to remove unwanted hair at our local sugar waxing salon in Tonawanda, NY. We follow the hair's growth direction, which makes hair removal less painful.

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Before you visit us, we recommend avoiding exfoliation and moisturizing. We'll need at least a week's hair growth in order to remove hair effectively. You don't need to trim it or worry about it being too long - sugar wax can adhere to more hair more easily when it's long. You're welcome to come as you are.

We'll remove the sugar by hand instead of using strips. This method can keep your skin hair-free for up to three weeks. We recommend scheduling your appointments four to six weeks apart. Sugar waxing will feel easier and more comfortable after the first visit. For more information, contact us today.

We offer a wide range of services

By using sugar wax, we can remove hair from even the more sensitive parts of your body without harming your skin. You can choose:

Face sugaring, like eyebrow or chin sugar waxing

Torso sugaring, like back or underarm sugar waxing

Lower body sugaring, like bikini or Brazilian sugar waxing

We'll treat your skin with care and use only high-quality sugaring products. Call 716-579-5702 now for details about professional sugar waxing services. We offer more affordable prices than many other local sugar waxing salons.